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Playing songs from his new CD, “Four.” (Released on April 15th 2005)

Friday, August 19th
The Bull Run

215 Great Rd., P.O. Box 1228
Rt. 2A, Shirley, Massachusetts 01464 USA

Opening for...

Al Stewart

Recognized as an inspirational performer and prodigious lyricist, Scottish folk rocker Al Stewart's roots are in the legendary folk clubs of 1960s London, where he worked with artists such as Simon & Garfunkel, Cat Stevens, Bert Jansch and Ralph McTell . His first effort on Decca Records with then unknown guitarist, Jimmy Page , went largely unknown. His next few albums consisted of mostly introspective love songs which were very popular in the UK but had little success in the USA. Until 1976 when his most popular album, Year of the Cat , was released and went platinum in the USA and featured two top 20 singles, the title track of the album and On the Border . In 1978 he duplicated the feat with the album Time Passages . The hits there being the title track and Song on the Radio.


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