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Mark Fisher

"Rock solid and true to his roots, an honest-to-god Folk singer."
-Ursula Sturms-Barnet WCUW radio

The Gardner, Massachusetts native has been playing guitar most of his life, and is currently working on material for his as-of-yet untitled fourth release. A former member of the popular local band Tune Smith, Mark now frequently plays local folk shows and music festivals.

He has appeared in concert with acts such as. Livingston Taylor, Aztec 2-Step, Chery Wheeler, The Kennedys, Les Sampou, Chuck Broadsky, Cormac Mcarthy, Greg Greenway, Jamie Brocket, James Montgomery, Slaid Cleaves, Mark Marquis, and many, many more.

"Marks acoustic style combines a wonderuful blend of Celtic, New Age, and Folk. A genial storyteller with a heart full of music."
-Metronome Magazine

"Intimate stories and hearfelt lyrics are the core of Mark Fisher's songwriting talents."
-Northeast Performer

"Marks lyrics paint a picture in the listeners' mind. He's convincing, and that's what matters."
-Worcester Telegram

"Folk, Celtic, Bluegrass, and even country all connected by solid song stories that wrap hope and loss in the same blanket."
-Fitchburg Sentinal

"These songs are about being a real person. It remnds me of one of my favorite paintings by Monet, in the sad, yet ultimately joyful way it makes me feel."
-Montachusett T&G

"An eloquent guitarist with a rich resonant voice, Mark is a writer with a wry sense of humor."
-Richard Fox WCUW FM

"Fisher has the ability to transport audiences to different places and seasons through his music, and lyrics."
-Gardner News

"He keeps his audience infolved with his down to earth approach, and his sense of humor.
-Nora Cardec



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